• These are portable fire extinguishing equipments placed in fire prone area for extinguishing small fires, which can become big fire.
  • These extinguishers may have different type of mediums for different type of fires (Class-A, B, C, D, and E).

Class A: Fires with trash, wood, paper or other combustible materials as the fuel source. Class B: Fires with flammable or combustible liquids as the fuel source.                        Class C: Fires involving electrical equipment and                                                                 Class D: Fires with certain ignitable metals as a fuel source.

i.) Water Type: This type contains of Water and CO2 Cartridge. Before operation nozzle blockage is necessary to be checked.

ii.) Foam Type: Aluminum sulphate and sodium bi carbonate mixture makes CO2 gas and foam which helps extinguishing the fire.

iii.) Dry Powder Type: It uses Sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate powder in combination with gas cartridges, for fire extinguishing and

iv.) CO2 Type: CO2 gas in pressurized condition is used to extinguish the fire.