They successfully burnt picture of Palin due to the fact “Caribou Barbie” sex symbol/action figure to the heads away from electorate

If the she desires anything, it things maybe not if the she actually is licensed – “We are entitled to it, because the I would like it” Palin was away from the only real MK masquerading on the political phase, several of your own very dear “social servants” are Mind Controlled Slaves!

Palin Top Changes (otherwise Brain Documents): model/celebrity, charm king, outdoor’s girl, news/sporting events anchor, politician, evangelical Pentecostal Religious. Palin’s transform (mind document) just like the perpetual “home-coming king”is quite apparent– because so many MK’s the woman is suspended emotionally within teen peak (witness battle w/daughters) , socially young w/ “mean-woman persona” and you may reflexively childish…

Because the the woman toddlers, exactly what Sarah wants, Sarah becomes! MK’s can have various otherwise tens of thousands of adjustment (notice data files) prog’md into their possibilities- more on PalinMK Prog’mg support look for ” Palin, Beck, Fox Reports Statue out of Independence”

Marionette (DOLL) Prog’mg since the “Caribou Barbie” – this is Disney-Movie industry offered “script” and this became fantasy story push-given in order to public via Rothschild managed media (Reuters/AP) acting from inside the show w/Rupert Murdoch’s Reports Corp (esp. FOX News). Palin’s “DOLL-IFICATION” ( this lady lookup) are developed by the Lisa A good. Kline, directed by the Henry Kissinger Op Gahl Hodges-Burt, exactly who selected wardrobe (costumes) to strengthen Palin’s “Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg. Gahl’s husband, previous U.S. Amb. in order to Germany 85-89, are Elder Partner at the Kissinger Lovers, Inc., 350 Playground Ave, Nyc – Sarah Palin try an optical impression, it is all tips, gimmicks, and you can fabrications professionally executed behind-the-scenes –look for “Kissinger, Palin, Mengele: Exactly how Strong Do The fresh Rabbit Gap Wade?” Pt. dos

The new heavier media increased exposure of horny footwear, insured GMT got signal – this really is the MK’d Kitten, ole Henry’s current Beta Prog’md Gender Servant/Human Laptop computer , and really should feel treated accordingly

Genius out of Oz (Dorothy) Prog’mg w/ Disney Themes: – huge introduction Dayton, OH using signature Ounce-Dorothy “ruby red slippers” w/Occult red-colored/black colored combo. New big increased exposure of dresser plus produced hundreds of thousands having shops just like the lady rushed to copy their “Marionette” Prog’mg, that is why she try this new Halloween night “It Lady” – more about Palin Ounce-Dorothy Prog’mg in the “Kissinger, Palin, Mengele – How citas introvertidas solo reseñas Strong Do The fresh Bunny Hole Wade? Pt. 2

“Hillary set 18 mil c-r-a-c-k-s (super-high pitched intonation) throughout the large, toughest glass roof in america, therefore we is shatter that cup ceiling once and for all!” – (3) blatant coded recommendations to help you MK -Ultra upheaval/torture techniques that cause “mindfracturing”or “compartmentalization”or“splitting” and that createsalters (head documents) which is the basis otherwise key reason for Monarch Prog’mg – to manufacture Performed (MPD) slaves! GMT uses this type of alters or (head documents) to complete the fiendish desires – here’s what Palin referenced when you look at the a couple sentences! Palinminced to “mirrored floors“at RNC discussion 2008. MK’s are continuously surrounded by graphics one to reinforces prog’mg. Begin taking notice out-of “formulaic” stage/put framework, and watch how MK prog’mg is created right in, and just why the lay fundamentally appears an identical. Palin lives for the a great frozenlakew/ “Caribou Barbie” nickname, hence reinforces“Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg. These are all the very identifiable password words/signs having GMT, who have enjoying the woman prog’mg reinforcement, including her physical appearance with the SNL. The entire Tina Fey/Palin parody is an excellent masterful monitor of “duality” otherwise “mirroring” (a vital part of MK prog’mg) w/ MSM as the ready accomplices, experiencing collective sight impairment– how many times performed we hear “I am unable to let them know aside“–that it drastically improved Palin’s publicity, whenever you are implanting graphics demonstrating the lady decreased mental capacity…

“Non-physiological “twinning” is another bizarre feature noticed in this MONARCH coding . For example, one or two young non relevant students would be ceremoniously initiated into the a great phenomenal “soul-bonding” ritual so that they is “inseparably coordinated getting eternity” (perhaps several other Mengele connection?). It essentially show one or two halves of your own programmed information, making them interdependent on one another .”

They successfully burnt picture of Palin due to the fact “Caribou Barbie” sex symbol/action figure to the heads away from electorate

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