In 1959 Priscilla arrived in the country due to the Air Force transferring her father there. While she was out with her younger brother, a service member approached Priscilla and asked if she’d like to accompany him and his wife to meet Elvis. Her father, after checking in with the man’s commanding officer, gave his approval for a visit. Though they ended up divorced, Priscilla has continued to call the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll “the love of my life.” When it came to Lisa Marie, the source says that she “did not have a healthy or close relationship” with Priscilla prior to her death, adding that things were “very complicated” between them. “Everything remains the same, except I’m on the management team now,” Lisa Marie told Peoplein 1993, adding that she thought her mother had done “an astounding job” of managing her finances.

The shotgun house Baby Elvis called home, the “Birthplace Home of Elvis Presley” in Tupelo, was built by his father, his uncle, and paternal grandfather. (“You can take this birthplace and put it in my living room at Graceland,” Elvis later said.) But what these thousands of visitors do not realize is that Elvis lived not only in that two-room shotgun but in houses all over Tupelo. Far from being born in West Virginia, Tom Parker was in fact a native of the city of Breda, in the southern part of the Netherlands. He had been born there in June 1909, the seventh child of a delivery driver and his wife.

The 2011 documentary God Is the Bigger Elvis covers their relationship. The vast majority of books (including both of Guralnick’s books) on Presley contain details of his many romances and alleged affairs, including many while he was married to Priscilla. It has also been reported that Presley “adored to fondle and suck women’s toes, and those in his entourage who were given the job of choosing companions for him would often be asked to check the girls’ feet.”

Priscilla was keen to make it on her own and prove that her marriage to Elvis was not about money. Soon afterwards, however, her new lawyers persuaded her to increase her demands, pointing out that a star of Elvis’ stature could easily afford more for his former wife and child. Adding to all of these challenges has been her volatile relationship history. Lisa Marie has been married four times and, like these other aspects of her life, her unions have been marred by sadness and drama. Below we take a look at Lisa Marie Presley’s high-profile romances and why they ended in divorce.

The main women in his life

In March 1960, Elvis, having finished his enlistment, left Germany. Priscilla sent letters, using pink envelopes to make them easy to locate among Elvis’ fan mail. Her parents cautioned her that the star would likely forget her and that the relationship was over — but then he called her. And in 1962, he asked her to visit and worked to convince her parents to let their teenager travel to Los Angeles. “Riley wants to keep the family together and keep Lisa Marie’s legacy in a positive light, but she feels that her grandmother’s actions are pushing the family apart even more,” the source said.

When she met The King, Miller was concerned by his self-styled Memphis Mafia being present, interrogating her at length before their date. “After about an hour … a few of the guys walked out of the room … to get Elvis and probably said to him, ‘She’s OK you can meet her,'” she revealed. Shepherd took a liking to Presley because he was unlike any of the men she had met before. “It was 1972, and all the guys wore cheap cologne, apart from him. He smelled soapy, and sweet, like sugar and sweat,” she told The Guardianin 2008.

Ann-Margret was reportedly The King’s greatest love

On April 25, 2022, it was announced that Doja Cat would contribute an original song for the film, “Vegas”, which incorporates elements from Big Mama Thornton’s “Hound Dog”. It was released as a single on May 6, 2022, ahead of the film’s companion soundtrack album, scheduled for release that summer by RCA Records. The album will also feature variations on Presley material by big name artists in a variety of genres and styles. Italian band Måneskin and Kacey Musgraves are also part of the soundtrack with their respective cover versions of “If I Can Dream” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. On May 23, 2022, rapper Eminem announced on his Instagram that he and CeeLo Green will collaborate on a new track titled “The King and I” which will be produced by Dr. Dre and will appear on the film’s soundtrack.

Her definitive version of the song was a hit, quickly selling half a million records. A few years later, Presley recorded a cover and sold millions, overshadowing Thornton. To make matters worse, Thornton barely made any money off the song. All these stories combine to depict a monster and somebody we should avoid celebrating at all costs.

Personal relationships of Elvis Presley

A major musical force, Presley had 18 No. 1 singles, including “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Good Luck Charm” and “Suspicious Minds,” as well as countless gold and platinum albums. He was one of the first performers inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . But Presley has been recognized for his contributions to several musical genres, most notably rock, country and gospel.

To paraphrase Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power,” Elvis Presley was a hero to most, but his alleged treatment of women was disturbing. With the rise of the #MeToo Movement, there has been a re-examination of Presley’s relationships, particularly those of the barely legal kind. Subsequently, Vice argued that Presley’s behavior was predatory, “exploiting the admiration of underage girls.”

Their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was born in 1968, and it was at this point that the couple’s relationship began to disintegrate. Priscilla told Terry Wogan that Elvis stopped being sexually attracted to her once she gave birth, as he was turned off by the notion of motherhood. In a 2021 interview with People, she divulged that Elvis’ magnetism and appeal to other women left her feeling incredibly insecure thereafter. “Women gravitated to him, so I would be nervous when he had to go places alone. … I always had an eye on him because everyone in the world was after him,” she explained. Speaking to a newspaper in 1956 , Juanico lamented Presley’s alleged propensity towards callousness in their relationship, as he subjected her to some old-school ghosting. “I knew then that this was the real thing. Well, you know how love is,” she divulged.

The dispute with Priscilla stemmed from both Keough and her brother Benjamin – the grandchildren of the late Elvis Presley and childrenof the late Lisa Marie Presley – being named trustees to Lisa Marie’s estate in 2016, after she was the sole trustee for years. The outing comes amid an ongoing rift with granddaughter Riley Keough over her late mother Lisa Marie’s will. “Our divorce came about, not because of another man or another woman,” he continued, “but because of the circumstances involving my career. I was traveling too much, gone too much…I didn’t think it was fair to her.”

“He was such an impact in my life, in every way,” Priscilla told Entertainment Tonightin 2017. “He was my mentor, he was my confidant. I wrote this in my book . He was everything. In my book I wrote ‘my God,’ because I lived and breathed him.” On the morning of August 16, 1977, Presley died of heart failure, at the age of 42. It was later ruled that his death was related to his prescription drug use. Presley was buried on the Graceland property, near the gravesites of his mother, Gladys, father Vernon and grandmother Minnie Mae Hood Presley.

After a decade of marriage, she filed for divorce in June 2016, and things got messy as they fought over money and custody. After Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson finalized their divorce in August 1996, her next big relationship was yet another whirlwind romance with yet another musician. Lisa Marie’s real-life meet-cute with singer-songwriter John Oszajca in 1999 was due to sharing mutual pals in Los Angeles — and later that year, the pair got engaged, per BBC News. According to the star’s publicist, Paul Bloch, who confirmed the news in February 2000, the Hawaii native decided to pop the question on December 23, right after he asked Priscilla Presley for her blessing. The matriarch approved, Lisa Marie said yes, and they were ready to walk down the aisle.

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