But soon after, Carrie starts having an affair with a married Big. When Big’s wife catch the two together, Carrie confesses to Aidan, who breaks up with her. Carrie and Aidan mended fences in Season 6 when they bumped into one another on the street, with Aidan revealing that he was married with a young son. Fate brought them together again in the film Sex and the City 2 at a market in Abu Dhabi.

In 2009 he joined America’s Got Talent and then The Masked Singer. She also said that even though she has failed in marriage Filteroff password twice, she still believes in it. She also mentions about her wedding that it was so magical and the best time of her life.

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Carrie slept with Kurt Harrington in the first episode of the series to prove that women can “have sex like men” without emotional attachment. It’s clear they’d been sleeping together on and off for years, but no relationship had ever formed. It’s the news Sex and The City fans have been dying for since … The other love of Carrie’s life, Aidan, will have a ‘substantial, multi-episode arc’ in And Just Like That…Season Two, according to Deadline.

Carrie Bradshaw sought out a therapist after her breakup with Mr. Big

He’s not a bad guy, but he clearly wasn’t ready to enter a relationship. Carrie told Mr. Big she loved him but didn’t get a real response for days. One night, she was snubbed by Mr. Big at a stuffy Upper East Side party where no brown food or drink was allowed. She then ran into Jeremiah, with whom she said she had “engaged in a mild flirtation for years,” out on the balcony. It’s tough when your friends don’t approve of your boyfriend. That said, Carrie’s out of line getting upset with her friends for not approving of Petrovsky.

Carrie met him through her friend Stanford Blatch when the two of them visited Aidan’s furniture store. They share an uncomplicated, loving relationship, which initially confuses Carrie, as she had become used to the stresses of dating Mr. Big. She begins to feel trapped and cannot shake off Mr. Big’s presence in her life. Carrie and Aidan first break up when Carrie confesses, on Charlotte and Trey’s wedding day, that she had an affair with Mr. Big.

He finally understands that she is “the one” and pursued her to Paris with the encouragement of her friends. Sex and the City begins with Carrie and Big’s relationship, so it seems fitting that the series should end with them finally getting back together and living happily ever after (well, at least, in theory). Though they break up when Big moves abroad and both start seeing other people, neither of them forgets the other. Unfortunately, Big is a man who likes to have his cake and eat it too — or, in this particular case, have two cakes and only eat one. After marrying a 25-year-old, he realizes that he is both deeply unhappy in his marriage and still attracted to Carrie, whom he romances despite knowing that she is dating Aidan at the time.

He was first pictured with his new mystery blonde in February as they grabbed dinner at Nobu Malibu with what looked to be her daughter — who was also present on the trip. Seal was critical of Heidi’s relationship with Martin saying publicly she had ‘no class’ for being with an employee. The former Voice Australia coach, who is all about using privilege to help others, performed at the 68th annual Boomtown Gala on Sunday, May 23, to give to those less fortunate.


For many, Aidan still stands as the man Carrie should have married. “This season was a lot,” added King of the show’s first season. Season 1 ended with Carrie sharing a heated kiss in an elevator with her podcast producer after struggling to date again following Big’s death. Heading into Season 2, she seems ready to connect with her dating life again. Whether she and Aidan will reconnect platonically or romantically, only time will tell. And truthfully, after the way the show did Miranda and Steve’s relationship dirty, we’d rather not begin to speculate on that just yet (the emotional investment — it’s too much!).

She shows Al that she can keep up with his work by investigating several other cases while he works on his own investigations. Eventually, Al realizes that having Carrie as his partner is more useful than being promoted. So, they work together until the very end of the case, at which point Al tells Carrie that he loves her and leaves town with his family so that he can start his next investigation. Their wedding was supposed to be small, but when Aidan canceled all his other plans, they decided to go ahead with it.

At the root of it all, Carrie and Mr. Big were friends — the cornerstone of any good relationship. Love him or hate him, Carrie ended up with the right guy for her. After abandoning her friends and career in New York City, Carrie moved to Paris to be with Petrovsky, an acclaimed artist. However, she soon realized that he wasn’t her one true love after finding herself constantly alone and wondering what it would have been like to be in the city of lights with her old flame, Mr. Big. In the end, Carrie realized she had a better connection with his mother than she ever did with him. However, aside from his shortcomings, he was a put-together guy with a lot going for him.

Carrie becomes emotionally distraught over this and confesses the kiss to Big. After taking his time coming to terms with this revelation and understanding Carrie’s mistake was because of her domestic crisis of faith, he forgives her. Manhattan furniture designer Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) is Carrie’s next serious boyfriend after the painful break-up with Mr. Big. Aidan is the opposite of Mr. Big, as he is a laid-back, low-key nature lover who is patient, straightforward, and somewhat traditional in his relationship with Carrie.

We did the math and they were a couple for between a year and a half and two. Aidan did not appear in season 1 of And Just Like That…, the show’s revival on HBO Max, despite many fans thinking that he would because the storyline surrounded Big’s death. Michael Patrick King, the executive producer, explained the real reason why John did not make his big return in the first season of the new iteration. Though they took some time apart, Carrie and Aidan found their way back to each other in the following season. He proposed to the writer, and she accepted, but the pair still faced trust issues in their relationship the second time around. Eventually, Carrie realized getting married to Aidan wasn’t in the cards, leading to their second breakup.

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