This study depends towards the productive conclusions from earlier knowledge away from fan-idol matchmaking and fans’ practices strategies

dos.step three.2.1 Quest for psychological satisfaction

Psychological benefits, along with although not simply for a sense of pleasure, identification, and gratification, are essential bonuses enthusiasts to invest in idol-related items. Fans, just like the anyone or organizations, constantly you want a vent to talk about its worship, enjoy, and you can infatuation having stars. The acquisition out-of spin-regarding products could be thought to be fans’ uniform and severe emotional financing inside their idols (Santero 2016). Even more important, as a consequence of its buy, admirers suspect that the monetary devotion perform somehow benefit its idols with respect to winning a reputation or higher standing into the the latest competitive recreation community. So it feeling of goal and you may pleasure gets admirers the fact its efforts are approved and you will vital getting idols, fulfilling the must be requisite (Wang 2014). So it feeling of success, in turn, would drive these to generate most orders.

2.step three.2.dos Fans just like the a residential area

Fans’ orders may help them in the opening up discussions, that could progress into the nearer societal ties. The newest control regarding higher-top quality idol-relevant issues, just like the embodiment of authenticity and you will respect out of fans, is the best entry violation enthusiasts to get in the fresh new core of one’s partner people (Zhang 2021). As well as creating common psychological attachments and you can societal connectedness, fans in addition to form collective recollections through its communal purchase practice (Wang 2014). There are many different cases where admirers buy a lot of records, film tickets, otherwise issues supported by the its idols along to demonstrate the unity and you will solidarity.

dos.4 Abstract design

This research aims to speak about idol fans’ reasons trailing their idol-toy pick practices. They exclusively focuses on a distinctive kind of admirers-fans whom purchase idol dolls-to support an even more focused research that will not want to generalize results for other enthusiast teams.

Previous research on the fans’ usage techniques usually splits motives towards “intrinsic” and you will “extrinsic” ones and you can about amounts it as search for “neurological pleasure” otherwise a feeling of “fulfillment” (Zhao and you can Wu 2021). This research stresses the importance of a certain fan term (we.e., mommy fans) in shaping fans’ consumption means. Additionally explores the newest development and you will popularity of “mommy admirers” or “parents out of idol dolls” in the theoretical construction of the Para poder-kin matchmaking.

2.5 Look objectives

New prevalence off mom admirers indicators an alternate function of fans’ practices strategies and you can drives this new researcher so you’re able to reexamine the brand new existent search models off parasocial relationship ranging from fans and you will idols. Part of the lookup question for you is: what exactly are fans’ motives for purchasing idol dolls? This research requires a revolution to research the newest character away from “mom fans” into the adding to the fresh new idol-doll area from the responding the fresh sub-question: why do fans claim on their own since the “mommy fans” and just what are their emotional need?

Strengthening the connection amongst the introduction from mother admirers and also the interest in idol dolls are an intuitive choice. Become alot more specific, mom admirers always consider on their own since their idols’ mommy, when you’re idol-doll consumers and additionally reference on their own as the moms of your own little one and you can dump the little one toy as if it were a bona-fide people. Exploring the psychological needs from mommy admirers as well as how they disagree away from compared to girlfriend fans you will give a crisper understanding of fans’ reasons for buying idol dolls. While doing so, the newest motives and you can mental requires of men idol fans also end up being examined, as they might provide a completely other perspective to explain the idol-doll to shop for choices.

3 Methodology

This research combines textual investigation plus-breadth interview knowing the driving situations having fans’ idol-doll purchase methods while the para-kin matchmaking anywhere between fans and idols. Formal media posts serve as a natural profession to possess observing how Chinese popular society interprets brand new interest in mom fans and idol dolls, helping the study are contextualized in the a greater societal records. In-depth interviews of them fans provide rich facts that can help determine the synthesis of para-kin matchmaking, in addition to their thinking and reactions to the ailment of the latest popular culture. By combining both of these a couple of look procedures, a nuanced knowledge of enthusiast people would be reached.

This study depends towards the productive conclusions from earlier knowledge away from fan-idol matchmaking and fans’ practices strategies

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